IACG 2017


The aim of the conference is to promote the emerging issues in the area of the internal audit and corporate governance. The conference will provide a forum to present debate and discuss current issues impacting these areas.


Apart from educators and researchers, the Conference welcomes the participation of related practitioners, and a doctoral Colloquium will be held for Ph.D. students. A number of academic keynote speakers will also be present.

When and Where

The Conference will take place in Athens Greece, from April 19th to 21st, 2017.

General Information: Aims and Objectives

Due to a number of historical business events and changes that occurred over the last two decades, corporate governance and internal auditing have emerged as key areas of business focus. Internal auditing, in particular, is increasingly becoming a contested field, with new theories and methodologies constantly appearing and challenging current practices. The role of the academic community in these developments is catalytic, as a number of researchers are already making inroads in these business fields.

The 15th European Academic Conference on Internal Audit and Corporate Governance (to be hosted by the Panteion University, Greece) aims to provide the opportunity to discuss and update current issues on these subjects. The presentation of double blind refereed research papers will generate constructive exchange of approaches and international viewpoints, leading to a critical contribution to the knowledge and originality of the field of Internal Auditing.

Conference tracks

The theme of the conference is broad, and we welcome submissions from the full spectrum of internal auditing and corporate governance. The conference will provide a forum to present debate and discuss current issues impacting these areas.

A doctoral colloquium will run during the day preceding the main Conference, providing outstanding doctoral students with the opportunity of discussing specific issues relating to their dissertation, not only with other doctoral students but also with leading academics. A panel of academics will be available to provide guidance and stimulate the discussions.

Doctoral Colloquium Information

The Doctoral Colloquium is aiming at postgraduate students as well as for their supervisors, undertaking research in the area of internal auditing and corporate governance. The purpose of the Colloquium is to provide a forum for doctoral students to discuss their proposals for thesis research and work in progress with peers, colleagues, and with leading academics in the field of accounting and auditing. PhD students at all stages (beginning as well as nearly completed) are encouraged to participate. The Colloquium will focus on methodological issues, research proposals and interim results of participating doctoral candidates.